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January 16, 2008


Originally uploaded by thepinkpaintedgiraffe

So this past weekend Addy got her first doll, Olive. I bought the Olve and Archie pattern from Hillary at The Wee Wonderfuls Store. Everything seemed pretty simple, minus sewing the arms and legs…there is a certain part of the pattern where Hillary states,”And now this is the part where you will be cursing my name out” and sure as heck…I WAS!! But after I calmed down a bit…I figured it out and it worked out. Mom came over to help with the embroidery of Olive’s face…that’s just another needle work I need to learn. I actually would also recommend embroidering her face before you stuff her head. it’s much easier to do the needle work.

The weekend went well. I was very excited because Addy didn’t cry while hanging out in my arms during the christening. I was very nervous all week about having a screaming child in my arms…but she was great and is getting so big! She is absolutely ADORABLE!! We ended our trip early due to the fabulous New England weather.

I arrived in Spain this morning, and am fighting my jet lag…So far everything looks nice and reminds of Tuscany (well only a little) but anywho…I’m here and I’ll be posting!



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