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January 23, 2008

>Hi Everyone,

So I’m in Spain still…I’ve been here a week now and I am dying to come home! It feels like I’ve been here for months. Spain does have it’s beauty, but it’s no Tuscany! I dunno there is something different and richer about Italy. For those of you that don’t know. I’m here for work on a photo shoot. We started shooting on Tuesday and we finish tomorrow. We had to cut things short due to the lack of locations. It was fine with me, I get to go home early and spend time with my sweetie! 🙂 I have to snap a pic of my stylist and I, I made her an apron to use to keep all her styling tools in while shooting. I’ll have to post it this weekend. I’ve been finding though a lot of inspiration in the ornate designs and details that are in houses, buildings, churches, and restaurants. I can’t wait to come home and start sketching from my photographs! The food has been ok…it’s been difficult, they eat lunch at like 2 and don’t eat dinner until like 9 at night! UGH! I wish we were in Madrid, it would have been cool to find a fabric store of some sort, Oh well!

This is just a cool image I shot that I’d share with you of these old windmills…pretty funky, eh?

I fly home Friday!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!


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