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>It’s a Wrap!

January 29, 2008

>Oh Thank God…I could have kissed US soil! I am so happy to be back! Not that being in Europe is a bad thing…it’s just really, there is no place like home! Spain was ok, where we were at least. From what I’ve heard the coast is beautiful. We stayed in a town called Toledo, it’s about an hour south of Madrid. I hope we got some good shots, we were low on locations and had to cut the shoot short…so I was super excited to come home early, but a little nervous about our shots! Oh well, it will work out, it always does!

Here is a pic of the gals and I!

From the left: Me, Mariolga (Our Hair and Makeup Guru), Alison, Deb (Our Fabulous Stylist), and Yulia, our cute model.

Deb and Mari are always doing things for me, so I absolutely had to make them something from The Pink Painted Giraffe! I made Mari a large Amy Butler Makeup Bag. Then I made Deb an apron to use on set for all her styling knacks! She was sporting it on set…check it out!

I just had my machine serviced for it’s yearly check up…I just picked it up when I got home this weekend. Not sure if I’m going to do any sewing, but I might play a bit…I leave for NYC on Saturday for 5 nights…I can’t wait for February to be OVER!!


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