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February 6, 2008

>Hi Everyone!

So I’m in NYC. I just got here on Saturday. I headed over to my auntie Maryanne’s in Queens to help her set up her new Mac. We grabbed some yummy sushi at the place I used frequent when I lived with her…the best dragon rolls ever! We set up our loft space Sunday morning for the show taking place this week. We got everything done in record time and we able to be dismissed, so I escaped for a little stroll on Sixth Ave to get lost at M&J Trim. I bought a few buttons to play with for a wedding idea I have. I swear I could break the bank at that place. That night we headed over to one of my favorite sports bars in Manhattan, Stout, to watch the super bowl. What a night and what a disappointment…I am still in shock that the Pats lost. Anyways, enough about that.

Monday morning I snuck out to have a quick visit with Auntie Joan. I finally got to give her the quilt! She loved it! She is doing better so we are keeping our fingers crossed and continuing with prayers. I headed back to the loft that morning, we finished early again! The show started yesterday and ends tomorrow. I am just anxious to get home and chill out this weekend. Eliot and I are heading this Saturday to do some cake tasting!! YUMMY! We will also be celebrating Shannon’s Birthday Saturday night!! I might sit down and doing some sewing this Sunday, with all this traveling I might also take a day next week to vege out!

Ok, So I’m going to try and eat some breakfast so I don’t fall over…


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