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>OK, No more fabric shopping!

March 11, 2008


It was a busy little weekend for me this past weekend. I took a ride up North early Saturday to meet with the florist for the wedding! We are using Mountain Laurel Flowers up in Ashland. The owner Linda was wonderful! I think she is going to do a great job! I am so thankful my mom mentioned that I should be using a florist for the bouquets. I was a crazy woman thinking I would make my own bouquets the day before the wedding!…Thanks Mom!

I then figured since I’m all the way up here and I’m so close to Center Harbor, that I absolutely must make a pit stop at Keepsake Quilting! I actually met up with my dad for a nice little lunch before I attacked the quilt shop! I behaved myself the last time I went in there, but I totally misbehaved this time around! The women there are always so incredibly nice and always so helpful! I actually decided that I want to make a “Pink” Quilt for myself (I know you are all shocked with the color I chose!). This will be the first quilt I machine quilt instead of hand tying. I found 5 prints from Heather Bailey’s Freshcut fabrics. I am using a dark pink/magenta for the sashing and inner border…then a light pink solid for the backing. I am using a free pattern off the Moda fabric’s website. The design is called UpTown.You can see it here. I am a little disappointed in the pattern, because I am finding mistakes…but it was free…so maybe I will send them an email letting them know all the mistakes I found! I was up last night ironing and cutting out the pieces to the quilt. I started to lay it out…Here are a few snapshots of the progress of the quilt…

I also picked up a bunch of other fabric…I am going to be making some makeup bags and selling them…here’s a pic of the new finds…the bottom fabric and third from the bottom are not from Keepsake…

And now on to more projects, I finally cut the pattern for Katie’s Yoga bag also…I am hoping to get that put together this week!

Eliot and I went out to meet with some friends on Saturday night, and I lasted past 1am…I am very impressed with myself! We had a fun night! Waking up to day light savings time and missing an hour of sleep was no fun!

So as you can see I have a million things going on…but that of course is typical of me! I actually flew out to Philly on Sunday afternoon, to do a 6am spot on QVC Monday morning. Once I get the video uploaded to You Tube, I will post the link…I forgot to really tell everyone, I figured it was so early in the am that it would be silly! So I got back yesterday afternoon, did some work at home and then of course tackled my new fabric and quilt…I seriously need to organize the sewing room, it really looked like the fabrics have been having wrestling matches!

Keep checking in…I plan on being a busy sewing bee this week!


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