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>Practice makes Permenent….

March 21, 2008

>I Know what you are all thinking…Practice makes Perfect…not in my book…I learned the permanent thing back in high school at basketball camp…none of us are perfect and never will be, but if we practice something a lot…it will become permanent! I have been paranoid to use my new (mucho expensivo) walking foot for my machine…I did not want to practice on the quilt…I wouldn’t forgive myself if I screwed it up in any way! So I found a project in one of Densye Schmidt’s book that requires a small amount of quilting…It is an oven mitt…here is my progress and finished product…you can also see the shot of my new walking foot…I had a blast and I am no longer paranoid or scared! I am excited to get cracking on the quilt tomorrow!!It is going to be sooooo nice not using safety pins and hand tying!! Yipee!! I also learned about a product called 505 on my trip when I went to Vermont last month, that is when I picked up a can, and let me tell you….the stuff is great!! It adheres your quilt back, batting and front! No more PINS!!!

It was so nice to have today off! I ran errands all morning…took a little trip over to Merrimack today to the NH Quilter’s Emporium, I met Pam, the store owner. She has a very cute shop and was helpful as can be…I bought some marking chalk, but it’s really different and great for the quilt…I tried finding it on the clover website for you all, but I couldn’t’ find it…so if you are interested it’s called a Chaco Liner Marker, and it comes in Blue, White, Red…and I think that is all I can remember!

Eliot comes home from KC tomorrow…I can’t wait! He’s been gone since Monday!

ok, I am getting sleepy…I guess 2 glasses of wine and sewing an oven mitt will do that to you!

nighty night!


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