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April 9, 2008


Well there is hope in New England! It’s finally getting warmer and the snow is really almost all gone! Opening day was in Boston yesterday…baseball season is starting up again…spring must be right around the corner! I have been working on some freelance design work so I haven’t had time to sew, but tonight I broke away from my Adobe suite and started sketching some ideas for a new quilt…just sketches, I think ripped 5 sheets of paper out! My colored pencils were all over the couch!

I also was at Border’s this weekend and of course could not resist the sewing/crafting area…I decided I need to work on my hand sewing skills so I picked up this embroidery book by Jenny Hart. There are so many cute things in here, I hope to try a few out this weekend! My mom got me a book this past Christmas called Simple Embroidery, by Marilyn Green that is actually for kids but seriously it is fabulous…lots of visual help! As an artist, anything visual helps me BIG time! I also picked up a fat quarters book, and liked a bunch of the patterns in there…so I might have to test one out! I’m feeling great making quilts with squares and rectangles…but triangles scare me…I never was any good at geometry!

Oh…and I have been testing out ideas for my centerpieces for the wedding…playing with ribbon variations here’s a sneak peek…this obviously is no where to close to actual….it’s very hard finding a deep red ribbon with fun patterns, like polka dots!

We are heading up the the lake this weekend…it’s my dad’s Birthday tomorrow…I won’t put his age online, cause if I did, he’d kill me. We are also attending our wedding wine and food tasting on Sunday, I am looking forward to eating common man food all day! Yummy!

Have a great rest of the week all…SMILE! only 1 more day till Friday…we are almost there…


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