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>Quilt Complete!

July 28, 2008


Baby David’s Quilt
Originally uploaded by thepinkpaintedgiraffe

Hi Everyone!

Well I am shocked I haven’t blogged in weeks…I guess I have been a busy bee! I hope everyone’s summer is going well…the wedding countdown is creeping up rather quickly…starting to get a little anxious!

I finally finished the Yellow Brick Road quilt I blogged about in the beginning of the month….I was happy with the way it came out! It’s in a box on it’s way to Croatia now…and I am crossing every finger I have in hopes that it makes it there safely! I spent 30 minutes at the post office making sure to fill out all the crazy custom forms!

We have been busy helping my dad out with the house…I promise to blog some before and afters of the rooms soon! We also recently went to an old antique car show a few weeks ago and saw some pretty incredible cars…Eliot is fully aware that if we ever strike it rich I will have my own garage with a bunch of restored European vintage cars in it! We actually met a guy who has a beautiful 56′ Jaguar XK 140…and we talked to him about the wedding and how great it would be to take pics with it!! So……..He agreed to come so we can take pictures!! I am sooooooo excited!! Here’s a pic of us with it!!

Hope you all have a great week!!

Happy Monday!


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