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>Kaffe Fassett comes to NH!

October 7, 2008


Kaffe Fassett & Myself at his Lecture
Originally uploaded by thepinkpaintedgiraffe

Hi Everyone!

So Kaffe Fasset was in Portsmouth, NH this past weekend. He has been doing some workshops and then on Saturday night he had a lecture and book signing. My mom came with me and the both of us found such inspiration in him! It gave us artists a kick in the butt to get back into our talents! He had some great advice…

One of the first ways of being an Artist, is that you must call yourself an Artist and be CONFIDENT about it and all you do!

2 Rules of being an Artist:
1. Wake up early (Eliot loved this one…since we all know, I’m not a morning gal!)
2. Always have clean brushes!

The events were held by the
The Portsmouth Fabric Company. The quilts displayed in the show were simply amazing! Such an inspirational night! I came home and started pulling out my watercolors…I have to set up a space this week and get back into it! Thank you Kaffe, you are an inspiration!

Click on my Flickr link and go to my sets folder to see all of the beautiful quilts!


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