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>Forever Remembered

October 30, 2008

Things have been a little difficult around here over the past 2 weeks. My Teta (this means Aunt in Croatian) Joan passed away 2 weeks ago. If some of you remember back in January, I made her an Irish Chain quilt to help her heal while she was ill. She had been fighting Leukemia since last November. She was an amazing woman and someone who we should all strive to be like. She was not my blood Aunt, but my she was my family. I will miss her very much, but I know she will be watching me from above everyday.

In honor of Teta Joan I wrote her a poem, so she will always be remembered. I wanted to share it with all of you.

An Angel

God sent me an Angel the day of my birth,
She was no ordinary Angel. She lived here on earth.
She grew up in Brooklyn and was an adorable child,
Kind, gentle and loving. Never angry nor wild.
As she got older, she had decisions to make,
She wondered what would be the next path to take.
She followed the path that was planned for her.
To serve the Lord and teach of the way things were.
Her stories and smiles could warm any heart,
The sound of her voice, more beautiful then fine art.
Situations arose and she had to return,
She knew teaching God’s love is what she’d still yearn.
Becoming a teacher she could enrich young minds,
She taught many students, all different kinds.
Her patience and knowledge made it easy to teach,
To love and follow the lord is what she would preach.
Time went by and many friends were made,
She loved them all and not one would she trade.
She traveled the world and had pictures to prove it,
It enriched her life that I know she’d admit.
She shed so much love to many she’d meet,
a simple smile to a stranger on the street.
She enjoyed the city and all of its wonders,
Filled with energy, like lighting and thunder.
She came into this world and planted a few seeds,
Kindness, peace, and love is what this world needs.
She inspired many people, not only just me,
The way every person desires to be.
She was courageous, strong and brave,
many traits people do crave.
Her patience was that of a saint,
She gave her time to people without any restraint.
Her laugher and smiles would warm any heart,
She had grace, beauty, was witty and smart.
She was my angel and forever will be.
But not only will she watch over me.
She loved very many and will watch over them too.
The Lord had taught her that was the right thing to do.
We will miss her dearly and know she is watching above,
Smiling down upon us now and giving us her love.

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