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>mmmm….pecan pie!

November 26, 2008

Hi Everyone…

Well, can you believe it…Thanksgiving is tomorrow! We are heading to my mom’s tomorrow and then El’s mom’s on Friday! I volunteered to make my Burbon Pecan Pie for both dinners…so here they are fresh out of the oven! The recipe if from Bon Appetit, November of 2006. I cheat though and get frozen pie crust!

Things have been super busy here…I got a full time job! Yipeee! I have been freelancing at a small advertising agency in MA, and it’s been wonderful. They asked me last week if I’d like to jump on board…and I said “heck yes!” Also wonderful news…we have been house hunting! It’s been fun, our friend Jeanine is a Realtor, so she has been showing us lots of places. We will be looking at a bunch more this Saturday! I am so happy that things have been going very well! I am so thankful for all this great stuff going on in our lives…it was a tough October.

I am still in shock I guess that December will be next week! You know what that means…the count down begins to the “most glorious day of the year”…(and no…it’s not Christmas)…My Birthday!! šŸ™‚

I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Day! Gobble Gobble…


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