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>Now for the first Snow Storm!

December 19, 2008

>Hi All!

Well I guess this week is all about living in New England! From an ice storm to today’s first snow storm….it’s been a crazy weather week here in NH. We did finally get our power back on Tuesday evening, but there are still so many people that still don’t. My sister-in-law, Tara and little Tyler have been staying with us for the past 2 nights since they still don’t have power. It’s been hard for them , but fun having them here and getting plenty of Tyler playtime in! Graham has been holding down their fort and making sure the house is safe. Please everyone keep them in your thoughts and all the others that are still out there without power!

We have gotten lots of snow today…Eliot just came in from round 4 of shoveling a little while ago. Can’t wait to get him a snow blower for the new LONG driveway! 🙂 Oh the new toys he will be getting for the house! I think it’s only fair I deserve a new one too…a new sewing machine perhaps? There are lots of windows that can use some window treatments…hehe…

We have the inspection finally for the new house tomorrow…cross your fingers everyone that everything will go well…you know what I’ll be doing during that time…whipping out that tape measure and figuring out where everything will be going and all the changes I want to make!! LOL!!

We are expected to get another storm on Sunday…so it will be a good indoor box packing day! We have lots more to pack…I will have dreams of boxes for weeks I feel until after we move in.

I still can’t believe next week is Christmas…we didn’t get a tree this year, due to the Dec 31st move scheduled 😦 So Eliot promised me 2 trees next year…we’ll see how that pans out!

Have a wonderful weekend All…
Happy First Snow Storm New England!


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