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>Yes, I am still alive!

February 17, 2009

>Hi Everyone!!

Well, things have been so incredibly busy…but then again, when aren’t they! After looking at my last post in December, I realized I’ve been a slacker on blogging…I have an excuse, I’m a homeowner now! Back in December I told you all that we were buying a house, well there was a change of house…we ran into a bit of an issue with the appraisal and the owners not being flexible…so we moved on and found a bigger and better home in the same town…Eliot and I believe it was a blessing in disguise! We moved in January 24th and are still unpacking boxes! LOL! The house is so pretty and in such a nice setting! We are settling in very nicely and have been painting machines! Here is a pic of our new pad…

Besides my new kitchen and 6 burner stove, my second favorite thing about this home is my top secret hideaway above the garage…it is a finished room that is slowly becoming my Craft/Studio Room! I really want to re-paint the walls in there…but might wait until I get other rooms settled. I bought some shelves and started organizing my craft stuff!! I will take pictures once I have it to where I’d like it…I am dying to sit at my sewing machine and get cracking on some projects…my poor little Scandinavia hasn’t been stitching since the beginning of December! 😦

I promise to keep up with blogging…we are starting to feel a little more settled, so I can finally breath a little…well…for today at least…


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