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>Introducing, My New Husband!

May 27, 2009


My New Husband! JK…My New Sewing Machine!
Originally uploaded by thepinkpaintedgiraffe

Just kidding everyone! Again, our house has taken over my free time, so may apologies for the delay in blogging….but you can rest assure, this time, I’m BACK! A couple weeks ago I fought back and purchased this beauty…now I know to my dear husband, it’s not his John Deere….but in my eyes…it’s my Deere! 🙂 We’ve been calling it my new husband because I’ve been spending so much time with it, and I mean, how could you not? It’s wonderful!

The machine has made such a huge difference not only in my sewing but also quilting! I have posted a bunch of new pictures on my flickr account so click on the link below to see. I bought the machine just in time to complete some Mother’s day projects! I quilted my mom a bag for Mother’s day that I have yet to take a picture of! Mom, make sure I take a shot of it next time! For my mother-in-law, Liz, I made her a brush roll for all her paint brushes! (she’s seems to have found a love for painting recently and really excelling at it!) Mom, I need to take a snap of it next time I see you too! We had a great mother’s day! Eliot and I took both our moms to Kittery, Maine for a nice lunch and then took a nice ride on the coast to see the nubble lighthouse in York! It was a fun day!

We’ve really been working some more on the house, I’ve painted our other guest room a really cool green color…I intend on making a quilt from a bunch of Amy Butler’s prints from her Daisy Chain collection for that room! It’s going to look so great!

We’ve been visiting with our little nephew, Tyler (Isnt’ he becoming such a cute little man?) and also been having friends over for dinners and finally starting to go out for dinners again! We had an amazing dinner a couple weeks ago in Portsmouth at a tapas restaurant called Cava….OMG…I could have sat there all night and ate. We sat right at a bar and were able to watch the chefs cook all the food! It was wonderful! I totally recommend that place for anyone in the area!

I can’t believe Memorial Day is already gone! We spent the weekend on Long Island with our good friends Katie and Dave, and of course my little love bug of a god child, Addison! They recently moved into their new home! It is sooooo beautiful!! Since Addy is getting bigger and will soon be a big sister this September, I decided to make her a “Big Girl” quilt. I used the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern(Can you tell it’s like my favorite…it’s just so easy and beautiful!) So here is a pic and there are more on my flickr page.

We also discovered that Addy has a total crush on her Uncle Eliot…I think he got the majority of the hugs and kisses, even above mom and dad…and I don’t blame her…he is super cute and lovable! We went to the end of the Island on Saturday and I got to finally see Montauk. There was an art show going on with some really cool stuff! This one artist had great stuff!

We had dinner that night at Kate’s mom and dad’s…they are like my second family, so it was fun to hang out with them and her younger sister Kenz!

Sunday we took Addison to the game farm on Long Island…it was so fun seeing her smile the entire time around the animals and get to feed them and pet them! It was a riot!! My favorite picture for the weekend though was Addison in my cowgirl boots!

Also this weekend, my little brother Joe flew all the way out to California to surprise his girlfriend to get down on one knee! They were engaged on Friday night! We are all so excited for you Joe and Mel! Congrats!! Congrats!!!

Ok promise I will keep blogging!!

Talk to you all soon!
Time for dinner!

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