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June 23, 2009


Originally uploaded by thepinkpaintedgiraffe

Well, it’s official summer and all the pretty spring flowers are slowly going to rest, so I had to snap a few shot before they did…This is a pic of the many Peonies my dad has at his house…We spent this past weekend with him up a the lake…the weather was a real drag…but we were both glad to spend time with him!

We also had family with us this June, my father-in-law and brother-in-law, so I decided to take some time off to spend with them…we had a big family BBQ at our house the Sunday before they all left with both our families…again, poor Eliot was out grilling in the rain…we had a great time minus the weather….here is the gang (Eliot was taking the picture). Tyler was all over the place as usual, he is becoming such a little boy!

When everyone was over mom brought over the bag I made her, so I finally posted pics in my flickr account…check them out…here’s a quick shot…

Other then that we’ve been busy finishing painting our house…and the living room is starting to be a living room…I sewed some pillows for the couches and am still working on a few more…I’m going outside my comfort zone and will be making pillows with cording! I’ll take a few shots when all is said and done! I also have skatey 11 other sewing projects in the works, including a quilt for Eliot I designed myself! 🙂 photos to come soon!

This past Friday, I had my girlfriends over for a yummy spicy night of chicken enchiladas! Best Recipe ever is on Self’s website and they are Jessica Alba’s recipe! We had a great time, it was nice to have a night of “girl talk”….poor Eliot…disappeared to the upstairs as it got louder and as giggles were progressively getting more frequent! 🙂 He was a trooper!

Happy Tuesday…or should I say almost Wednesday!

🙂 N

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