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>Love at first sip…

June 29, 2009


Hi Everyone!

We are all trying to stay positive here in the Northeast with all this rain we’ve been getting…ok, Who am I kidding! We had Kate, Dave & Addison visit this weekend. We learned Addy is Eliot’s very first groupie…ok maybe I’m the first one…she loves the guitar and listening to her Uncle jam out…at one point there was head shaking and brown wavy locks flying everywhere…

The next morning Addison got a ride on the Deere with Uncle E and was so focused on steering…so cute! We took a ride to Portsmouth for lunch and a tiny bit of shopping…Katie and I really try, but it’s tough with those 2! I did get to sneak into Portsmouth Fabric Company and get a few things I needed…they are having a huge sale until July 12th (I think it ends the 12th) Fabric is 30% off! 🙂 I think I may need to take a little ride this weekend…hehe

That afternoon we had Graham, Tara and Tyler over for a BBQ. The kids got to play together which was so much fun to watch! I agree with Kate, toddlers are so entertaining and adorable to watch when they run…too cute! Addison went in for a couple leans…but no smooching luck…Although rumor has it there was a lip plant, but unfortunatly I was not there to witness it! Tyler did share his sippy cup though…lots of bubbles, running around, legos and some crazy light up ball toys my mom found somewhere! Thank goodness the weather held up, we were able to hang in the yard and play. Sunday morning, Addy helped Eliot make yummy blueberry pancakes for us all! What an excellent helper…let’s hope she stays that way when her baby sister arrives in September for Kate and Dave’s sake!

We had a great weekend and will be heading down there way in August!

After they left, I got sucked into the couch and the TV was hypnotizing me to stay and lounge! I finally got motivated later that night and stated cutting fabric for some upcoming projects and this lap quilt I am making for our living room. I have been wanting to do a nautical feel to the living room, but no over do it. I got the idea for this quilt from the book, Material Obsession by Kathy Doughty & Sarah Fielke. The quilt in their book is called Gypsy Squares. I’ve been wanting to make a scrappy looking quilt, but since I have that designer in me…it’s hard to just make something without a plan…I swallowed the perfectionist in me and just did whatever I felt…so this is it laid out on my studio floor!

I have this weird feeling my dad is going to nab it when it’s done though…it’s all his favorite colors, red, white and blue…all the colors of the Croatian flag, of course! I just realized what perfect timing with the 4th just around the corner! I guess I was subconsciously being patriotic too!

Ok lots more pics and projects to share…

Happy Monday!


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