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>"What do you mean he don’t eat no meat?"

July 19, 2009

>Hi All!

“That’s ok, I make him lamb!” (from the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”….one of my all time favorite movies of all time!) What is this you say? It’s beginning of a good ol’ Croatian style of BBQ-ing! This weekend we went up to the lake to visit with my dad and my uncle who is visiting from France. My dad had one of his best friends up from Connecticut who brought up the “old school” Croatian way of cooking dish….we like to call it a “satellite dish.” You first by preparing a fire… then prepare the meats…yes…I said meat(s)…pork, sausage, chicken…lamb…whatever your heart desires…throw some potatoes, carrots and onions, a little EVOO, seasonings of your choice and get it all placed nicely in your “satellite dish.” Place the dish on it’s little metal stand, throw the lid on and place hot coals on top and below… while waiting…drink, laugh and tell lots of jokes…or just pose for pictures! (Make sure you are doing this all in Croatian though…it just wouldn’t’ be the same…)

and about after and hour and a half or so….VOILA! Your dinner has been cooked in a “satellite dish!”

We hung out at the lake this morning and caught some rays…Eliot caught a little more then he should of…it was such a beautiful day…summer is finally here! We went to my Aunt’s house for dinner tonight to celebrate my cousin Anthony’s 29th b-day…and ate some more yummy food…back to the gym tomorrow!

Time to get some shut eye!

xo ~Nicole

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