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>Projects…Projects…fabric shopping…sewing class…projects…oh my!

August 4, 2009

>Ok….Finally sitting down to blog…jeeeeeeez!

I’ve been a busy busy bee…I really have no idea where to begin…it’s bad enough that I have a hard time remembering what I did the day before. I can at least start with this past weekend…Eliot and I took some time to be together this weekend for us…we hadn’t done that in awhile…lots of running around and spending time with family and friends lately, not enough “us” time. Friday night we went to our new local favorite sushi place…we were reminiscing of Hawaii so it was Mai tais and pina coladas for dinner…I mean drinks…and some sushi too! Then Saturday it was a beautiful day here so we went to the beach. For some reason we always end up getting the last spot in the parking lot…lucky us. I totally neglected to reapply lotion on my face so my little forehead got a little too red. It’s looking tan now though 🙂 We got some yummy steaks and scallops after the day in the sun and cooked up a yummy surf and turf dinner with smores for dessert! Yum!

Speaking of Hawaii…I finally got a pic of the Hawaiian pillow I’ve been working on for months now…(I have been picking it up every now and then when I had time)…On our honeymoon I picked up a bunch of Hawaiian quilt books with aspirations of one day actually making one, but for starters I figured I’d start with a pillow…this has all been hand appliqued and is ready to be hand quilted…the next step is to learn how to hand quilt…Oh PS…Martha’s August issue of Living Magazine has a bunch of Hawaiian quilting inspired projects. Pick it up!

Sunday morning I headed up to the Portsmouth Fabric Company for my Bernina class. It was so fun! I learned a bunch of new things to do with my machine. I came prepared with questions of things I wanted to learn…a rolled hem, shirring with elastic thread, and to start to get the courage to play with free motion quilting…it was lots of fun! I ended up getting a presser foot to help me make the rolled hem and a bunch of fabric for some projects…you can see those on my flickr photostream. It is so hard to enter that shop without leaving with a little material. “I’m a material girl and I live in a material world”….or maybe I just have a fabri-holic problem?

I’ve been sewing so much and seriously am in LOVE with my new machine…for instance, I have been working on a project (top secret…but will be revealed soon) that before on my old machine I would cringe at pushing the thick amount of fabric through to the needle to only have it break time and time again…so as I started to feed the layers of fabric through on my Bernina…I did cringe a little(it was only habit)…but to my surprise…whoosh…it right through with no issues at all…Like Butter!!

One of my secret projects got sent out with the mail today…here’s a hint…I posted it in my flickr…I really hope the new mama who’s baby it’s for doesn’t see this until she gets it!

Ok time to try and sleep…I think I’ve become an insomniac…does anyone have difficultly sleeping because they have skaty eleven creative ideas running around in their head? I was reading Red Peppr Quilts blog the other day and it really felt good knowing I wasn’t alone…

nighty, nighty!

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