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>A weekend in review…

August 12, 2009

>Hello All!

Things have been busy as usual for us here. This past weekend my dad and uncle came down to visit and we took a ride to show my uncle Portsmouth and the 14 mile seacoast that NH has. The Tall Ships were in town this past weekend, so it was mayhem! You can learn more about them here. The lines were too long for us to wait to get on them, but seeing them from the outside was pretty cool. My uncle took pics with his camera, so I will have to somehow get those pics from him to post. We cooked a yummy dinner that night and my mom came over to join us to visit with my uncle. We had a nice time and I made a super yummy blueberry and peach cobbler with a bunch of blueberries from our own blueberry bushes!

Sunday afternoon we spent some time with Graham, Tara and our nephew, Tyler. We hadn’t seen them in awhile so it was nice to spend sometime with them. Tyler is getting bigger and more adorable every time we see him! He had these super cute green wellies that he was running all over the place with…he was looking for snakes right here…eeek! Such a typical little boy!

In my spare time I’ve been a little busy sewing bee! I’ve either been downstairs cutting fabric on the dining room table or upstairs in my studio sewing away. I finally started back up on Eliot’s quilt that has been on the back burner…I need to make it longer, so I am going to have to add another row of squares…but here is a snapshot of it so far…I’m thinking of quilting it differently then the normal stitch in the ditch that I usually do. Any ideas?

I’ve been working on multiple projects at the same time, which I’m not sure has been such a smart idea, but I’d rather cut all the fabric pieces at once and then sit down and sew…I need a cutting table in my studio…but I’m not complaining too much, going up and down the stairs has been good exercise. In due time my table will come. Here is a project I am working on for a little one (I think you all know who…hint…I spoil her rotten)…my first attempt at baby clothes…there is another in progress pic of it on my flickr page.

Oh and here’s a little pic of my pink Dahlia that finally came up…isn’t she pretty? Eliot’s been tearing down the deck…we are hoping to make a nice patio next summer for BBQ-ing, entertaining and relaxing on!

Have a great rest of the week everyone! The weekend is almost here…thank goodness!


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