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>A Birthday Celebration!

August 23, 2009

>Hello Everyone!

Well I can finally share all these top secret projects going on in my studio for the past month! Pheww…for those of you who don’t know me I am TERRIBLE at keeping presents away from people…I just want them to be opened and I can’t resist presents myself!

This weekend was spent on LI with our good friends Kate & Dave and my adorable Godchild, Addison. Kate celebrated her big 3-0 this Saturday and her family threw her a big party to help celebrate! We were really nervous about hurricane Bill and that the rain would damper her day, but shockingly it turned out beautiful and we spent the afternoon swimming in the pool!

I came bearing all sorts of sew gifts for her, Addison and the baby who is on the way…in hopefully 3 weeks. Kate had been looking for a new diaper bag and spotted Amy Butler’s Modern Diaper bag from her book Little Stitches for Little Ones last time they were visiting…and instantly a bell went off in my head…ding ding ding…Ok so that is what I will make her for her Birthday! I did have some issues with the pockets, but rested it aside for a few days, emailed some people I noticed on flickr who made it and got some feedback…(thanks Shelly!) and voila! The bag was complete! I also made the changing pad that is also in the book along with a small bag for dirty laundry, baby toys, or whatever…I used chenille for the changing pad instead of the terry cloth Amy has listed under the materials list. I think they came out great and Kate was super happy with it. The bag is huge!

Out of the same book I made a little something for the baby who is on her way too. I made the Snuggie Wrap Blanket, but instead of using fleece I used some white minky material and I did make it a little thicker by using a layer of fusible fleece since the baby will be coming in the fall and the pattern said the size was for 0-3 months. I also found an adorable musical pink giraffe for her at target…I’m so tempted to go back and get myself one…I mean it’s not everyday you see a pink giraffe! πŸ™‚

And then, I can never go for a visit empty handed for my little Godchild, Addison…it is my duty as Godmother to spoil her rotten! It was my first attempt at making clothes for a baby…well toddler. So I made her a skirt, top and pants using patterns from Pink Fig. The skirt is the patchwork skirt and I used a bunch of fabric I already had in my stash…a little Amy Butler, Michael Miller and a few others I’m not sure of. The Olivia top and the Bella pants were made using Anna Maria’s fabric from her Good Folks collection. You can see more pics at my flickr page. She looked absolutely ADORABLE in both outfits as you can see…I know I’m a bit biased but she seriously is the cutest child ever. I love the picture with her outfit and drumsticks. She is so musical! Also for the first time this weekend she is starting to give Eliot and I names…we were trying to teach her and repeating ourselves…Eliot has become “E”…we figured it’s easier…and the word Kuma (means Godmother in Croatian) has yet to be said, but I did get a couple of Ki-kis and I’m super happy with that! πŸ™‚

We had a great weekend with our friends and their wonderful families. We are hoping to go down next month to see the new baby and spend Addy’s 2nd birthday with her! Now I need to figure out my next project…there are a few WIP laying around the studio that need to get some love.

Hope everyone’s weekends were restful…


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