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>Not enough time with Bernie.

September 16, 2009

>Hi All…

Ok so after our weekend in VT, I’ve decided, my second husband (my Bernina) needs a name…Bernie. Poor Bernie, he hasn’t been getting a lot of quality time with me due to a late hair appointment (which was very much needed after donating it back in February), freelance design work, my own website updates and of course spending time with my husband #1! 🙂 We have our first year anniversary coming up this Saturday…1 year has flown by! I am hoping the weather will be nice this weekend! Fingers crossed! I’ve been itching to go for a hike since the New England fall weather has trickled over us. Leaves are slowly changing and the air has such a pleasant coolness that tickles your cheeks. This is really my FAVORITE time of year! We are actually going to meet the puppies this weekend as well (pictures will sure as heck be taken and posted soon thereafter!) I can’t wait to be a puppy mom!
In the time I have had this week, I was only able to tend to this WIP so far this week. I hope you are all having a good week, I couldn’t be happier that tomorrow is Thursday…one day closer to the weekend! Thank goodness!


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