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October 14, 2009

>Hi Everyone!

Please help us welcome the newest member to our family…Cody! Cody came to us from wonderful breeders here in NH. Elly and Brian Hawkins, they have been breading and showing labs for quite some time now and are the sweetest people you could meet. You can learn about Cody’s original family at their site here. When we moved into the new house back in January, I was on the hunt for a dog. I searched all different breeds and we decided a Labrador best suited us and our lifestyle. We have all the space in the world now, so Cody has plenty of space to run around and be a part of our little family. We brought him home with us this past Friday and he has been adjusting without his brothers and sisters really well. He loves his stuffed toys, running around in the backyard, chasing leaves and snuggling in his bed I made him. Here are a few pics to share with you our little Cody. He’s been keeping us busy, so my little Bernie has been a bit neglected. I know he understands. I did however have time to make a little something for Elly & Brian to show our thanks for helping bring this little guy to us! Here is a pic of the little pillow I made them!
I do have some projects in the works, but things are moving slower then normal due to all the attention Cody is getting from us! Stay tuned!


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