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>Where has the time gone?

November 24, 2009

>November 24th? Seriously? I can’t believe in just a few short days everyone will be celebrating Thanksgiving with us! Where on earth has the time gone? Things have been chaotic here…I have been working at night doing freelance along with trying to finish home and sewing projects. I haven’t even begun Christmas presents!…omg…Christmas! EEEK! Cody too has been keeping us very busy! He is my snuggle bear, I just love him to pieces! I am curious to see how he will handle all the commotion this coming week. Here is a recent snapshot.We also recently went to Long Island a few weeks ago for my cousin Andrew’s wedding. It was a fun night! His wife Alex and him are just the cutest little couple! That meant it was Cody’s very first road trip. He did so well on the ferry ride and was the center of attention. We stayed with Kate and Dave and the girls. Addison was a riot with Cody…this picture captured the perfect moment…kisses! kisses!
We’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving because we are hosting this year! 14 adults, 1 toddler, a puppy and a little kitty cat! Should make for a fun weekend! We have been decorating and finally getting some pictures hung on the wall. It’s all starting to come together! Oh nesting…I enjoy every moment of it! (I know Eliot…I can see your eyes from here) I finally got to finish a bunch of stuff (don’t ask me how I did it…) I finished the Nautical themed quilt that was made for our living room. Here is a pic of it folded up. This thing took me forever…I guess it didnt’ help putting it on the constant back burner.I also completed the commissioned quilt I did for my friend Jeanine (who recently got hitched, see my blog below). Her very best friend is having a baby and her husband apparently is a huge Steelers fan, so she came up with the color scheme and I got some Steelers fabric to put on the back. This way mommy and daddy will both be happy! I tell you though, having that Steelers fabric in this Patriots household was like committing a sin! I think it turned out wonderful I absolutely LOVED working with these colors! Here is a picture of the front, you can see the back if you link to my flickr account.And last but not least I had been wanting to order a pattern from Cynthia over at Meringue Designs for the longest time. The celebration banners she has made are simply ADORABLE and I totally had to have some of my own, so what perfect timing then to make one for Thanksgiving! The majority of the fabric is Nature-ology by Studio E. I bought it at Fat Quarter Shop with intentions of making a runner for my dining room. I still have a bunch left, so that might be the next thing I do with it.
I am grateful for so many things this year…first and foremost, My wonderful husband, Eliot, our health, our family, friends, and lastly, being an American. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the troops and their families during these upcoming holidays. It is a difficult time for them and I am forever grateful for their humble acts of bravery. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are risking and have risked their lives to help protect this country. Thank you to each and every one of you. You are true patriots.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! What are you Thankful for this year?

nighty, night.

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