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>One for me…oh and another for me!

December 6, 2009

>Hi Everyone!

Well Thanksgiving is behind us now, but we had a wonderful time and the turkey was a success! Here is the table set for 14 1/2 minus the chairs that got added later! It was a tight squeeze but totally worth it! Everyone had a great time and Cody was on his bestest behavior! As the week preparations took place prior to Thanksgiving I thought it would be cute to make myself a new apron. Who was I kidding…it totally didn’t get done in time, but I guess it’s in time for Christmas dinner now…so it’s a one for me, and another for me type apron! The pattern is by Sew Liberated it’s the Emmeline apron and it’s totally reversible! So you get 2 snazzy aprons in one!I felt like I was in my own sweat shop this weekend, cutting fabric and sewing away…Christmas is how many days away? EEEK! Ok totally got caught up again this year and working on gifts for Christmas last minute…Eliot and I left the house bright and early on Saturday to do our Christmas shopping…6 stores…3 hours…we still have to tie a couple loose ends but we are pretty close to done. Phewww. We got our very first snowfall for the winter…and Cody’s very first time experiencing snow. Let me tell you…HE LOVES SNOW! We couldn’t’ get him in last night, all he wanted to do was run around and eat it…hilarious! Here is a snap shot (my fav) from today.
I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit…I caved in and was listening to some holiday music while sewing! Sugarland’s Holiday album is on my wishlist…might have to cave in also an grab it on itunes!

Have a great week all…I’ll try and capture a few sneak peaks from “Nicole’s sewing workshop”!


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