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>Catching up – Part 1

July 1, 2010

>Ok Seriously?

This is terrible…my last blog entry was in March…and today is July 1. There has been so much going on that I will have do this post in 2 parts. Things are going really well. Let me tell you the first few months of being pregnant are not fun and here I am about to approach my 3rd trimester already this weekend at 28 weeks. The time has been flying by and my belly just seems to be getting bigger. For those of you who don’t know…we found out what we are having…and yes, it’s a Girl! Yipeee! I can’t begin the amount of pink fabric that will and has been strolling into our house these days. I had finally been feeling better enough to sit down with Bernie again. More pics of what I’ve been working on yet to come!

So I started a new job in March which I think I did blog about and am very happy here. Four of my girlfriends had babies in March! Ey-yay-yay…I’m still catching up on baby gifts!

At the end of April, my little brother got married down in NC. We made the celebration a reason to take a week long vacation down there. My family rented a house together walking distance to Wrightsville Beach. It was a beautiful and lots of fun to be cooking together and relaxing. Cody was there too…he did so well in the 14 hour car ride both ways. I look back at the pictures and he has this look of, “Don’t bug me mom, I’m on vacation.” See what I mean…
It was great to spend time with Joe and Mel and meeting Mel’s family as well. The wedding was wonderful and took place in a beautiful church and was followed by a fun little reception. Here is a pic of the Newlyweds sharing their first dance…
Here is a picture of Eliot and I from the wedding I was 19 weeks then! I was in the wedding party and definitely started sweating that week if I would fit into my dress because I swear I got bigger overnight…it seriously felt that way. Time is just flying by…
In May we were busy with the house, Eliot’s been working outside like a champ and doing some fix-it projects that needed to get done. I had been researching the heck out of baby cribs, furniture and all sorts of baby gadgets. I have found a stroller that I am obsessed with. It’s been the one item on my must have list. The company is local in Hingham, MA and they are called UPPAbaby. It’s called the vista stroller. Seriously, I don’t know what my problem is and why I am so obsessed, but I have to confess every time I see it at the store I need to go play with it…and just look at it and admire it. I guess it’s like a nice antique European sports car…it does the same thing for me! LOL!

Well stay tuned for part 2…more weddings and more baby talk.


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