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>Catching up – Part 2

July 2, 2010

>Hey there again!

Ok so let me finish catching you all up to speed…May was busy with daycare appointments…it’s been hard to imagine because the baby physically isn’t here yet. We went to several places and decided up one. I plan on taking 12 weeks for my maternity leave and then the little nugget will be at daycare during the work week. Grandma might come over for a day or 2 to have some quality time with her also. We are playing it all by ear right now!

Over Memorial Day weekend we had a BBQ and a visit from our family and good friends with our little Godchildren. It’s been really great seeing both Addison and Tyler grow up and we try and get together when Kate and Dave come up. There was a lot of talking from Addison and a lot of listening from Tyler…it was so cute to see the 2 of them interact and talk toddler. Here are a couple cute ones…oh and yes, I am the proud instigator of the smooches! (and yes, Addison is Italian, can you tell?)

Avery is also getting so big…she was crawling all over the place that weekend. She is such a little beauty! We were curious to see how Cody was with her being all over the floor and he was so good, just a couple of big licks here and there, but not too bad. Eliot got to wear a pretty bow and headband that night and strummed music for Addison to dance to. I have a feeling that won’t be the last time he will have a head band and bow in his hair! 🙂 We all had great time that weekend and are always sad to say goodbye 😦

During the second weekend of June we flew out to Saratoga, CA for Forrest (Eliot’s little brother) and Johanna’s wedding. I was worried about being pregnant and how uncomfortable I would be, but flying out there wasn’t too bad…but the red eye home was rough…The wedding all took place at a beautiful Villa, the setting was just wonderful. Eliot played the guitar music for their first song. He did such a great job and was so honored to have done that for them. Here is a cute pic of the happy little couple! It was a nice break to spend time with family we don’t get to see very often. I also attached a pic of Eliot and I…I was 25 weeks at the wedding!

While we were gone, Cody was at the kennel for the first time…I have to admit, I missed him…it was the first time we have left him for a few days…and as a worried mom I had to call the next morning to check on him and the day before we left. He was doing great, minus the part of him being a boy a little too much with the female dogs…boys will be boys though, right? He did catch a mild case of kennel cough when were picked him up, but it went away in 2 days…we had to still keep him away from other dogs for a few weeks, because it can be very contagious even though he may no longer be coughing. It’s amazing that even though they are vaccinated for it, they can still get it…makes me wonder if the vaccine even works. He’s doing great though and will be 1 in August, it’s amazing. We picked him up at 15 lbs and here he is now well over 72 lbs!

During June we have been getting the nursery ready. We had already painted the walls in that room when we moved in…I knew when I got pregnant I wouldn’t be painting and Eliot doesn’t like to paint, so we painted it a nice green color, so that when the day came it would work for a little girl or boys room! We laid in new carpet a few weeks ago. It’s amazing what a new carpet can do. We really need to do the rest of the bedrooms upstairs too, it looks so much nicer and it som much more cushion-ier (is that a word?). We also have her crib and dresser/changing table set up. Eliot istalled a nice new white ceiling fan as well. We have a little ceiling paint touching up to do and the door needs to be repainted, but other then that not much else other then the decorative stuff. Eliot also sanded down a bookshelf that his dad had made when he was younger and painted it white to match her furniture. I need to buy some baskets for her future toys and such. We put it in the closet for now to be used as storage. We also ordered a glider/ottoman last week. When were down in NC, there was a baby boutique that I had already scoped out online that I had to check out. They had this chair and ottoman and when you sit in it, I swear you will never want to get up…I told Eliot, please bring me my alarm and set up a mini fridge and the flat screen and I will be all set. It is soooo comfy! So we wrote down the company and info and just ordered it up here, I can’t wait for it to come in!!

I am working on her crib skirt, and 2 quilts…(of course)…I couldn’t make up my mind with fabric, so she’ll get a small one and then a Yellow Brick Road of her own. I am also making the same diaper bag I made for my friend Kate last year, you can see it here. I am using fabrics from Joel Dewberry’s new collection called Modern Meadow. I am also using that same fabric for her Yellow Brick Road quilt and for her room quilt and crib skirt I am using the same fabric I made Avery’s quilt out of, you can see it here. They are an older collection from Tanya Whelan’s called Ava Rose. I have also been working on 5, yes 5 baby quilts that have been long over due gifts. 2 of them have already been sent out and I am currently working on the other 3. The 2 that I am working on now are replicas of the ones I sent out, so once I have them complete I will post some pics.

We also got a new addition to the family. Tyler is a big brother, Tara and Graham had their little girl this past week on June 28th. Her name is Brooke Morgan and she is the cutest little thing. She weighed 7.5 lbs. Eliot and I got to meet her on Tuesday after work and we will get to spend more time with her this weekend.

Today I start the 3rd trimester….time is flying by!

I am wishing you all a safe and a very Happy 4th of July weekend!


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