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>39 weeks.

September 12, 2010

>Hi All,

Time is flying by, a lot slower then I am hoping now…you moms weren’t kidding, these last few weeks are rough. I feel so drained…I am ready to not be preggers anymore and just meet this little person growing in my belly. My apologies, I have been so bad about updating the blog, but I am sitting down tonight because I finally took pics of the nursery that is 95% complete…just a few more things need to go on the walls to make it complete…oh the baby being here would too! 🙂 We have been pretty much ready now for the past 2 weekends. The nursery is set, my bags are packed, the car seat is in …so now it’s just the waiting game on when this little one will be “Bless”ing us with her presence.

Eliot has been my rock these past weeks and is definitely in the running for “Husband of the Year”…he has been cooking cleaning, cooking and making sure I am comfy. Are you people sure it’s the mom’s who do all the nesting? Because it’s definitely felt like he’s been doing more of it then me! He’s also been so much better about blogging what’s been going on, you can see more pics and read all about the things I’ve left out on his blog here.

About a month ago My mom, aunt and my BFF Katie threw me a baby shower. It was such a nice shower, Katie decorated the place so well and the food and company was just wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing my family and friends. We got lots of great gifts for the little one. If anyone knows me well, you can bet your bottom the day after the shower things were assembled, clothing was cleaned, folded and tucked away. That week our glider and ottoman came in for the nursery. I think I mentioned when we were in NC for my brother’s wedding that I sat in the most comfiest chair while scoping out the baby shops in town. I took down the brand name and sure enough we found it near us at Buy Buy Baby, so the chair was in and we were on our way to pick it up along with the other things we still needed! I was ecstatic because of the item I have been MOST excited about…my UPPABABY stroller! 🙂 If you are curious, you can learn all about them here. I have been obsessed since I wheeled it around the store! I love the fact that you can add on another seat when your family grows…and even better, this skateboard type thing for the oldest one latches on the back…it’s pretty sweet and I’m not gonna lie, one of the many cool features that sold me on this stroller! The company is also local in MA, so I had to also support a New England family company! 🙂 Eliot blogged about the stroller, so check out that post!

I have finally finished her quilt and my diaper bag. Here are a few pics…I’ve posted more on my flickr page here.

I just did a basic 4 x 4 patchy square quilt for her. I used fabrics from Tanya Whelan’s Ava Rose collection. The fabric is pretty hard to find now, I was lucky to have found it at Portsmouth Fabric Company this spring. I also tied the quilt instead of quilting it…apparently her daddy’s baby quilt was tied and he liked the little balls that the yarn became. I used a solid pink flannel on the back.

As for my diaper bag, I used Amy Butler’s Little Stitches Book to make the modern diaper bag. If you can remember about a year ago I made the same one for Katie, you can see it here. I used fabric from Joel Dewberry’s line called Modern Meadow. I also made a changing mat and a little bag for dirty clothes.(sorry the bag is already packed for the hospital, so it’s not in the pic) I originally wanted to use that fabric for the nursery, but felt it was a little “too” modern…so it worked perfectly for my diaper bag. I do have a bunch more, so I might make a quilt with it for her that will be bigger, or maybe use it for some cute sewn dresses! We’ll see!

For those of you who didn’t know, Amy Butler came out with a new book…According to Amazon it will be at my house Tuesday and I am so excited! It’s all about handbags and if you read my blog enough you’ll know the obsession I have with her fabrics and handbag patterns! Check it out here. A woman can never have enough handbags! Or shoes if you ask me! 🙂

So, now it’s just the waiting game…my official due date is the 20th…I am secretly hoping she comes this week…I dunno how much more of this belly I can take! I have an appointment Tuesday am, so we’ll see how things are going. Eliot will be posting on his blog for sure when she arrives and I am sure he’ll post pics…nothing gets past him and that iphone. He also has a twitter account too to keep everyone in the loop. You can check it out here. I need to learn how to use Twitter too…one of these days…

Well that’s all for tonight, time to go put my little piggy toes up on the couch, maybe grab a bowl of ice cream with jimmies(New England term for sprinkles)!


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  1. September 13, 2010 8:52 am

    >Your nursey looks so pretty! Love the new quilt. You will have so much fun carrying your supplies in that fabulous diaper bag. Good luck getting through these last few days! I hope everything goes smoothly.

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