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>The Story!

October 16, 2010

>Hey People!

Ok, So I am finally sitting down to tell you about how the whole thing went down!

Tuesday the 21st, I had an afternoon routine Doc’s check up (mind you I was a grumpy Guss that day because I was past my due date, uncomfortable and ready to get that baby OUT!). The nurse called me in and she took one look at me and said, “sorry, Nicole…I can see you aren’t smiling this week…hang in there” She was right, I wasn’t! I wanted that baby out and I just wanted to get this labor show on the road. So we met with the doc and yet again I was only .5 cm dilated (I was that way now for 4 weeks!). She kept telling me, Nicole, think positive thoughts…and I said “yeah, ok”(you know I wasn’t). So we went home and I did some work at home then made my way over to the couch…Eliot said “get up we are going for a walk”(we had been walking every night…trying to get that baby moving and out!) I took one look at him and refused, but he didn’t give up and made me get up. We did our lap around the neighborhood and the routine stop at Riley’s house so her and Cody could play. Our neighbor Kathy took one look at me and said, “oh, Nicole…” I must have looked miserable…I told her, “I know, I know…” So we kept on walking after the 2 love birds played. As we made our way to our driveway (I apologize ahead of time for the description) Niagara Falls came over me…seriously…Niagara FALLS! I didn’t think I was going to stop peeing my pants! All I could do was smile from ear to ear…I looked at Eliot with the biggest smile on my face and said…”ok, so my water just broke!!” He looked at me and was like, “seriously?”…I was SOOOO EXCITED! Now, what crazy woman smiles and is ecstatic about her water breaking? ME! Eliot called my mom immediatly to come over and take care of our first born four legged boy. I ran in the house jumped in the shower and ran into the car (which had been packed with all the hospital stuff for WEEKS!) Eliot scrambled to feed Cody and get any last minute things. Poor Cody had no clue what the heck was going on. So we called the hospital and went in immediately. I felt fine, just the constant burst of Niagara Falls during the car ride…no contractions…yet…

We got to the hospital and they were expecting us. They put us in our room (This is the same room where I would deliver the baby too) Our hospital everything is in that one room and the baby stays with you the whole time! 🙂 So I got into the itchy hospital gown and had been hooked up to the monitors…they could see I was having contractions but not really feeling anything yet…and after time I did start feeling them…and they were ok, but definitely getting stronger so I got some meds to help with the pain…the nurse said it might make you feel like you had a few drinks…and boy was she RIGHT! 🙂 The nurse asked if I was going to go natural or if I wanted an epidural…I had already planned to get the epidural…there was no way I was going to do that pain “au natural”…I’m just not built that way! We have science and Doctors for a reason! So the anesthesiologist came in (she was not your warm and fuzzy kinda lady…so I shut down and cried while I got the epidural) For those of you who don’t know me I am a weenie when it comes to needles and such…I become a big cry baby…and I did cry like a baby. Once it was over I was feeling better and not feeling the contractions anymore. I was able to sleep that night a little…

So the morning came of the 22nd and by 8 am I was getting very close. I was told I will have to start pushing at around 8:30…so the time came to start…The nurse and Doc were amazed at how active Charlotte was while I was pushing…about half way through I was told I needed to rest. Charlotte was sunny side up and they were hoping if I rested on my side a little she would start to turn herself (since she was so darn active)…sure enough with a little rest and a little help with the doctors hands she turned around…and after almost 3 hours (Yes, 3 HOURS!) out came our little girl! I was so frustrated because they put her on my chest, but the whole time I couldn’t see her little face! Finally I got to see her and I instantly was in LOVE! She is perfect in every little way. I knew at that moment, my life has been changed forever…and I now can’t picture my life without her in it…

She has been growing great! I am nursing her exclusively right now and she has been doing great with it. I have my mommy moments where I just stare at her and start crying (happy tears) of course! We sing(she loves Frank Sinatra) and dance and read lots of books. She has been learning about football every Sunday from daddy, but I have a feeling now that college basketball is underway, that will change. We have already done some shopping together…(mommy’s new shopping partner needed breaking in immediately) I need to make her a onesie that says that!

Cody and Roxy have been good with her…usually when I am on the couch with my legs up holding her, Roxy will come sit with us on my lap…so I have my 2 girls with me. Cody wants oh so bad to lick her to pieces if we allowed it…he is only allowed to give her toes kisses for now and smell her!

I am feeling good too…I have my moments, but this is what mommy-hood is all about I guess. It’s a miracle if I can get a shower in and (disgusting as this sounds) brush my teeth by noon these days! It’s amazing how a little person can just consume you in every way! I can’t wait for my 6 week follow up and get the clear to exercise…I just want to run.(for those of you who know me, know I HATE to run…so this is odd) Been taking a few walking laps with C in her stroller around the neighborhood…but it’s not enough sweating for me! 🙂

I have been tweeting now…it’s been easy to do from my phone…so keep checking it out because I post pictures up there. Here is the link to my twitter. I wish Verizon would get their butts in gear and get the iphone…they have 6 months until I get a new phone and let’s hope they do, because I might actually grin and bear it and move to AT & T! I am so over my crackberry.

So there’s the story! C has the sniffles today…hopefully they will go away soon. Grandpa Bless has been visiting us from AZ this week, but he goes home today 😦 We had a fun day with him yesterday up in Maine. Auntie Mere and Mimi are coming in a few weeks for a visit as well!

Here is a cute black & white pic of C! I am uploading more to my flickr, so check out her set of pics…here!


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  1. October 16, 2010 1:56 pm

    >Loved your birth story!! Isn't it so neat to think little C was growing inside of you all those months? You are a trooper for BFing! I couldn't do it and totally respect BF moms because it's not easy. Reid loved to tag along when I shop, too. Too bad we don't live near each other so we could all go shopping together. We got iPhones a few months ago and dealing with ATT is a major pain, but I couldn't live without my iPhone! Okay enough from me for now. C is so cite and she looks a lot like her momma!!

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