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>C turned 1 month already!

October 26, 2010

>Hi All!

Well, it’s true…time flies even faster after you become a parent. I had been meaning to get Charlotte all photographed on her 1 month birthday, but mommy was 2 days late…oh well…we still got it in! Charlotte weighs now 9lbs 15oz as of her 1 month birthday!(she is an eating machine) I made these onesies just using an iron on transfer. I got the idea from my blogging buddy Emily, who is also a new mommy…in fact, her little man was born the day before Charlotte! Maybe one day we’ll get to meet! (did you notice the pink giraffe background in the circle?…also that is her quilt I made her)

Things have been going well. I have my moments and so does she. I think I have been running on adrenaline this past week, so today was a kick up our feet, stay at home and RELAX(well as much as we are able to) kind of day.

I also started pumping, so we are going to try a bottle tomorrow. I want to get her starting to get used to it because we have a wedding in November out on Long Island, she is going to be hanging with Addison and Avery and their grandparents that night. (Erica and Will, we can not wait for the big day!!)

I have been going to a mommy breastfeeding group every Friday at the hospital and it’s been so great and informative. I have been meeting other new moms too. In fact my first day there I met a mommy that had an UPPABABY stroller too and we just clicked! Come to find out we live in the same town, blog and tweet. Her little girl, Arabella is 4 days older then Charlotte, so I am thrilled to have met her and am looking forward to the many play dates! 🙂 We had our first girls outing after group last week. A little lunch and a trip to babies r’us of course! You can see my new mommy friend’s blog here.

Grandpa was here visiting last week from AZ, and this week Auntie Mere is in town! Also grandma Mimi is flying in tomorrow, so lots of family visits between our house and the other Blesses! 🙂

I can’t believe Halloween is this weekend. I finally got Charlotte a costume…but you’ll have to check hack after this weekend to see what she will be! 🙂 I already had to replace the super sized bags of candy I got at BJs thanks to my hubs and pops during his visit! I learned my lesson and this time I hid the candy!

I had wishful thinking before she was born that I would design her birth announcements…yeah right…totally ordering them online at I have a coupon! (I have one for everything!)

I also wanted to post a pic of me with Charlotte in my Moby Wrap I have been crazily tweeting about…I am obsessed with it! (well ok not as much as my stroller…or in fact Charlotte!) We have a Baby Bjorn Carrier too, but right now I feel like the the wrap is better. She falls asleep instantly in it and my hands are free to do what I wish! Sometimes we need to dance a little before we sleep…her choice of artist, Frank Sinatra! I bought the eggplant organic one on amazon.

She looks so funny in this pic…her little double chin chin! So cute! She looks uncomfortable, but she is totally content! 🙂

Keep checking back and check my tweets, I have been posting pics of Charlotte from my Crackleberry. I can not wait to get a new phone…come on Verizon take on the iphone! I will try and post more pics of her to my flickr this week also!


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  1. October 26, 2010 8:39 pm

    >She is so stinkin' cute. I love her dark hair and dark eyes!! She looks so grown up in her 1 month onesie!! I ordered my moby wrap today after reading your rave reviews about it! I hope it arrives soon! P.S. You did a great Job on her quilt…it's way cute!

  2. October 26, 2010 9:28 pm

    >I think we'd be good friends if we lived in the same town 🙂 I also love the following:1- my baby boy Eli (6 mo old) :-)2- my Moby Wrap3- nursing4- the nursing group at my hospital5- 3 friends I met at the BF group6- quilts and anything handmade 🙂

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