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>Happy Halloweenie!

October 31, 2010

>Hi All!

C turns 6 weeks this Wednesday. I can’t believe it…time seriously flies by…just yesterday it feels like we were leaving the hospital with her. We had a few outfits for her to sport this weekend…this first one was give to her by her future godmother, Kuma Katie! (she had a little incident with the onesie earlier that day, but it had little ballet slippers on it!) Every little girl needs a pink Tutu!!

We had breastfeeding group this past Friday and we had to dress up! So, we decided to be a lady bug…here is a pic of her and her new friend Arabella! So flippin’ cute! Both of them were sound asleep and made perfect subjects for both their mommies!

I weighted her in and she was over 10lbs last week! We have our six week check up this week, so we’ll see on Wednesday what she is at.

This past week, my new friend Stephanie & Arabella came over and we did lots of laps around my neighborhood with the girls in their UPPABABY strollers! It was such a warm day last Thursday…so nice to be out in a tee shirt and flip flops and to get a little sweat in…I find out this week if I get the ok from my doc to start working out…gotta loose this baby weight!

Saturday was our annual block party and trick0or-treating for our town, so the other Blesses came over so Tyler could go trick-or-treat! He was Buzz Lightyear…and didn’t want his picture taken…but I was able to snap this one with uncle E…by the shot I got of C, it looks like she didn’t want to be in her costume much either…

He was very helpful in handing out candy when he was done getting his! “I feed the kids!” he would say…or “I hear more kids!”

C had some other new friends come over to play today, my friends Alison and Sue have babies who are 7 1/2 months old and a week apart from one another. So little Jenny and Ryan came to hang out…it was so great to see them and see their little ones…they have gotten so big and just ADORABLE! We should have lined them up to take pictures….I totally didn’t think of it! Mommy brain! Here is C’s Halloween get up…

Then Nana came over to help me make apple butter. We went to the farm last weekend and got a huge box of apples. Eliot made his homemade apple sauce this past week and my mom and I are using the rest to make some jars of apple butter. If you have never had it…there is no actual butter in it, it’s like super thick applesauce that you can spread on bread and bagels and stuff…like butter!

Mimi & Auntie Mere will be back tomorrow from their weekend in VT…so lots of quality time to be spent with Mimi this week!


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  1. November 5, 2010 2:25 pm

    >You have to give those sweet little cheeks a pinch and a kiss from teta mi!! Mama and tata are coming tonight so i will be sending something for your little cutie pie with them!!

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