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>8 weeks…Already?

November 18, 2010

>Ok, Ok, I know I’ve been saying that time flies by faster after being a mom…but seriously…SERIOUSLY…C is already 8 weeks! She wil be 2 months on Monday (pictures in her 2 month onesie yet to come!)

Well we have had lots of E’s family visiting us over the past weeks and it was nice that they all wanted to meet C and spend time with her, it means a lot to us. Mimi just left us 2 weeks ago and it was so nice to have some home cooking and extra hands! Thanks Mimi! xo. We are expecting the last of the Bless crew, newlyweds FoJo, to come for a visit in December! YEY! We can’t wait to see you both!

This past weekend though we had taken our first road trip to NY for my college roomie, Erica’s wedding on Long Island. We usually take the ferry to a fro when we go out to the the island, but this trip down we decided to drive going down so we could make a few pit stops along the way. We drove down last Friday morning to Queens to my aunt Meri’s house so that she could meet C! My aunt Maryanne also came over and we all had a nice lunch together…lots of yummy prosciutto and cheese…YUM! It was so great to visit with both my aunts and so great that they got to meet their great grand niece! Here is a pic of 3 generations…

Oh did I mention on this trip Cody was with us too? The poor guy didn’t know what to make of the concrete jungle…eventually he saw grass that day.

We then made a special trip out to Brooklyn to visit my auntie Joan’s resting place. We got there later then I wished…but I noticed if we got there earlier we wouldn’t have witnessed the sun setting and shining a ray of light of where she is. I miss her very much, but I know she is in a better place watching over us and is now C’s angel watching over her too!

Since we were running late around the time everyone gets out of work…it was inevitable that we would hit NY traffic on a friday evening heading out east of the island. We made it out in time for dinner and we were staying with Kate & Dave and the girls (Charlotte’s future godparents and our closest friends). Addison and Avery are growing up so fast!! I love this picture of Avery…hahaha!!
And this cute one of Avery giving C kisses…She LOVES babies…in fact it’s one of her few words that she can say!
Cody was happy to not only have Addison as her buddy, but someone to chase after like their dog Lucy. (BTW, Addison was calling Cody her “buddy” by the end of the weekend)
That Saturday it was time for mommy and Kuma Katie (Kuma means Godmother or Maid of Honor in Croatian…Katie is both!) to have a girls day of getting manis and pedis…but this time around it was a very special time because Addison came with us for her first nail salon visit…she was so good and I think was so scared to move…her choice of color…DUKE blue…can you blame her? She knows what’s up and C will too…(even though daddy put a ridiculous UNC flag outside our home today)
And this is what we came home to….excellent babysitters…

Did I mention C finally took to a binky? After 5 different brands (we’re just maintenance) we like the Born Free ones…I do have to vouch for her though all the other ones are huge! the born free ones are smaller…oh she is just so precious…can babies stay little forever?

Eliot had a mission this weekend and that was to grow a bond with Avery (his Godchild) because the last few times she really wanted nothing to do with him…(he was having a complex about it)…so his wish came true and they bonded and Avery even let him hold her!

Saturday night we had a great dinner with both Kate & Dave’s parents. Kate’s parents would be watching the girls the next day for us so we could go to the wedding. It would be the first time for me to leave C for more then 3 hours…let me tell you…it was NOT easy. Mimi M and Papa M are great and C was great for them…mommy was having serious separation anxiety…I was from her for 9 hours!!! The wedding was beautiful as was the bride…it was such a fun time! Our other college roomies Tia and Jen came and stayed the night too…I ended up being the DD and we took Kate’s dads suburban! I tried drinking but it tastes gross to me right now…plus I had to pump while at the wedding and I wasn’t going to “pump and dump”…mommy’s milk is liquid gold! So that was a first pumping in the car…I did it twice and Eliot joined me to keep me company…the poor valet guys I wonder what the heck they were thinking…lol

Well here is a pic of the adorable couple…walking out of the church…(and some woman’s head…sorry!)
Here are the 4 of us roomies minus the bride…(Jen, Kate, Me & Tia)

And the joke was that Dave is very comfortable with his manhood…I asked him to hold my purse and he did with no problem…my husband on the other hand did.

The reception location was GORGE! Check it out…

Here are all us SHU roomies with the beautiful bride!

Look what I caught…a big SMOOCH! So cute!

My dancing husband…LOL and him and Dave working on their BROmance…

And of course the besties…

It was a great wedding…but mommy was sooooooo happy to see her little C! I held her so tight when we got back and didn’t want to let her go. The next morning we took a ferry home and C slept the entire Ferry ride!!! It felt good to be home. I have been working part time from home last week and this week. Starting to get back into it slowly…I can’t believe I go back in 4 weeks!!

C has been fussy this week…not sure why…but hopefully it will go away soon! We are off to our breast feeding group tomorrow and I can’t wait…it makes me happy to be in a room full of mommies and babies!!

night all!

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