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A Milestone.

January 10, 2011

I picked up C last Friday at Daycare and her teacher says, “Nicole, she rolled over today!” She said that C was on the mat and all of a sudden they heard her cry, well she landed on her tummy and wasn’t happy about it. The moment she told me about C’s little milestone I had a smile on my face and was excited but then shortly after it sank in and I grew very upset. I wasn’t there to witness it myself for the first time…missing out on these little milestones KILLS me. I wish that I could be the one watching her all day. It breaks my heart every morning dropping her off at daycare. I was upset the whole car ride home, but when I got home I told Eliot the news and we decided to put her on her mat and try and witness it ourselves…so we did and C totally rolled over again for us. Eliot got it on his iphone and posted it here. She must have known that she needed to show mommy and daddy too! I am so happy that she did, because it made my night.

Another milestone was C pet Cody for the first time this weekend. He was laying next to her while she played on her mat and she just started reaching for him, it was so cute…Cody was very happy and I think he was able to sneak a kiss onto her without mommy looking and throwing sanitizing wipes everywhere!

We were supposed to get snow this weekend, but it turned out to be flurries. I was so nervous about going anywhere because of that, so Saturday morning I just hung out and was busy sewing. By 1 pm there was still no snow so I decided to take C and run some errands. I took a ride to Portsmouth to check out a children’s boutique for a christening gown for C. I nearly fell over at the prices. I love the silk styles they had but the prices were absurd, so I thought I would keep looking.

We went to Portsmouth Fabric Company because I had bought some fabric before Christmas and after pre-washing it the fabric got weird lines all over it. It was a home decor fabric that was washable and I had intentions of making new pillows for our living room so I was bummed out that it was not usable. I called the owner to see if I could at least get store credit because the fabric was not cheap and I bought 4 yards of it, so she was so great and said no problem.

C and I also took a ride to Joann’s fabric because I needed backing fabric to a quilt I am working on which will be revealed very soon. While at Joann’s C was sound asleep in her stroller and I started looking at silk fabrics and thought to myself, “hmmm, I wonder what kind of Christening gown patterns I could find.” So, there I was buying a pattern, fabric, lace and trimmings for a potential Christening gown. I am crazy, but I am going to try and make her gown…and I still have time to order one if I fail. So I will keep you all posted on how it goes. It’s my first time sewing silk, so I am very nervous but excited about the challenge. I also feel it will be more meaningful and I hope that if it turns out well my children’s children will wear it when they are baptized. Here is a cute pic of my little cuddle bug sitting like a big girl on the couch next to her daddy…the smile is priceless and so is the drool from nibbling on her fingers!

I am finally able to reveal something I have been working on for a year because the recipient of the gift got it this weekend. One of my closet girlfriends, Shannon (or Shanny as I call her) lost her best friend in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan last October. Kyle was a Marine, Son, Brother, Husband and Father and Friend. He meant a lot to Shannon and I wanted to make her something that she would have that would honor him in some way. I decided to create a wall hanging honoring Kyle. I designed it myself and once assembled, I decided that it needed more, so I hand embroidered words all around the border that had meaning to whom Kyle was and added his initials.

I am so very grateful for those protecting our country and our freedom. There are so many brave men and women out there who are willing to risk their lives for a better future for this country. I honor Kyle, and all the men and women who are serving and who have served (like my little bro, Joe). They are all heros who make me proud to say I am an American. Here is a picture of the wall hanging…

I posted some newer pics of C on my flickr page, so please go check them out!

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  1. January 11, 2011 11:31 am

    Loving C’s cute smile! I’m excited to see her gown when you get it all finished! Your wall hanging is really great, too!

  2. squashgirlPhD permalink
    January 14, 2011 4:00 pm

    I am sorry you missed C rolling over, even though I was home I missed it too. Is was on my bed and rolled over just as i turned around, you are a great momma!

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