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Seriously. Still busy.

February 6, 2011

I had such good intentions of blogging last week and I felt like I didn’t even have time to blink all week. Someone please make the insanity stop, I need to catch my breath.

Where do I even begin?

Eliot traveled to Kansas City for business a few weeks ago, so that meant C, Cody and I were flying solo. I ended up working form home 2 days because of all the snow we got. I was so worried about driving. The truck keys were no where to be found until Eliot landed during his lay over on his way home and told me to check his coat in the closet. So that was that. The other days consisted of me getting up, feeding C, feeding Cody, getting C her bottles and such ready for daycare and getting her dressed, then getting myself showered and ready for work, loaded up the car, lifted Cody into the back (yes he is 95lbs and still can not jump into the car…he’s a big weenie…that needs to change soon, I can barely lift him), then got C in and away we went. I would drop C off at daycare, then drive up the road to drop Cody off at daycare, then get myself to work. After work I would pick up Cody, then C then head home to pure exhaustion. I did not sleep well all week, but that is normal when Eliot is gone, although this trip I felt was worse. I have a lot going on at work too, so my stress levels that week were chart topping. All in all, we survived until the next trip…which I am dreading.

Charlotte also turned 4 months last month and I took a bunch of pictures and have posted them on flickr…here are 2 of my favs though…
Last week was all about getting ready for C’s Christening. We asked our very best friends Katie and Dave to be C’s Godparents. They accepted with excitement! We had spent the week getting the house ready and trying to figure out what to serve for food and being the crazy lady I am I spent the weekend up until 2 am one morning working on her Christening gown, which I had used the seam ripper on SEVERAL times.

I will do a separate post on the christening…this post has been sitting in my drafts waaaay to long!


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