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C and her daddy get Baptized!

February 18, 2011

Hi All!

This post is long overdue. My apologies, things have been very busy for us. C’s baptism was on the 30th of January. As you know from the previous post, our  closest friends, Katie & Dave were her Godparents. Kate & Dave got in late that Friday night with the girls(Our Godchildren). Since we hadn’t seen each other since November, we were all up so late gabbing away.

Saturday morning Katie and I ran to BJs to get stuff for the party. It was record breaking shopping time for us…I mean…record breaking people! As Eliot likes to say we dilly dally, well there was absolutely no dilly dallying going on during that errand run.

Saturday afternoon my brother, Joe and his wife Mel came over to meet lil’ C for the first time. They flew up all the way up from NC for the festivities! I think C and her uncle Joe bonded very quickly. She has actually been sucking her fingers a lot lately and doing it the same way he did as a kid. Here is a sweet picture of her and her uncle Joe playing with Sophie the giraffe.

My dad also came over and that night Eliot made his famous home made pizza! Toy Story 3 was played probably 3 times that day on our DVD player and If you can believe it Eliot and I never saw it! It was very entertaining though watching Addison running around the house doing her rendition of Spanish Buzz. We prepped all the food that night for Sunday’s festivities, so that when we got back from church, it would be easy!

I did finish the gown in time…well barely. I had gotten the chance to sew the button holes on her dress, but was so exhausted Saturday night that I didn’t get to sew the buttons on, so we safety pinned it together for the ceremony(oh well!). I still need to take a picture of it and post it to my flickr page.

Sunday was such a beautiful day. The mass was wonderful and C was so well behaved. She was a little angel. It was a very special day because C wasn’t the only one getting Baptised. Eliot had decided that he too wanted to do it and what better way then to do it with his daughter! He definitely threw me for a loop when we had our first meeting at the church and decided that it was something he wanted to do for himself and for our family. It was just a beautiful moment, one that will be forever remembered.

The party was small with family and close friends and we had such a great time. C spent lots of time with her uncles and aunties and her little cousins…this is such a cute pic of the girls together…give them a few more years and I know they will be reeking havoc…

This was probobly one of the funniest moments of the afternoon. Mention the word “cake” to any 3 year old and look a the reaction you will get…priceless…

Lots has been going on, so more posts coming up soon…and of course more pictures of C!

xo | n

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  1. squashgirlPhD permalink
    February 18, 2011 9:13 pm

    Awww so glad everything went so well! Yay for C and Daddy!

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