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See C swim.

March 21, 2011

Hi All!

Well sewing that weekend was wishful thinking. C came down with a fever on Thursday at daycare, I stayed home with her Friday and we had to take her in to the docs on Saturday to find out the monkey had a little ear infection. She was snuggled all weekend and definitely started acting more like herself that Monday. We had her 6 month check up and she now weighs 16lbs, 10oz. She is eating solids and it doing great!

We were really bummed that she missed her first swim class last weekend being under the weather, but this weekend we got the green light and we were able to go. I thought 30 minutes was not going to be long enough for a class, but for someone that little I think it was plenty of time. The water was a tad chilly, but mommy sucked it up! I got in with her for the first 15 minutes, then Eliot jumped in for the remaining 15 minutes. I posted a bunch of pics on my flickr page, but here are two of my favorites…

Uncle Richard was here this week and weekend visiting. Eliot and him had a business trip together and they flew back together, just in time for March Madness to begin. So needless to say, the TV was off limits for me, and college hoop was on 24-7. It was great having Richard around, we miss having him and Auntie Chris and Mimi close by.

As some of you know, I have been researching jogging strollers since C and I will be running a 5k in May together along with some other mommies and Eliot. I went with the Joovy, because of the huge sun canopy, positive reviews and most importantly, PRICE! Well, I’ve been saving my pennies for it and finally on Saturday my package arrived! Can I just say, I love being an Amazon Mom! That night Uncle Richard helped me assemble it, since daddy was grumbling about some basketball game. Here is C testing it out in her jammies on Sunday morning. It was such a nice weekend this weekend, so yesterday afternoon we took it for a spin and did 2 miles (1/4 of it was running, the rest was a fast paced walk)…baby steps here people!

Sunday afternoon G & T brought the kids over for dinner so C got to play with her cousins. It’s so cute seeing her and B only 3 months apart. I can see them both 3 years from now getting into some serious trouble! Here we are with Auntie T and Cousin B!

Usually, when Uncle Richard comes for visits, I make Braciola…but since I was running around like a chicken, Eliot and Uncle Richard took the lead and made the homemade marinara then the braciola. Let me just tell you, it came out better then I have ever made it…it was unbelievably good! We had a great weekend, but they are never long enough. It was so nice out this weekend, but it feels like such a tease because today the snow is coming down here in New England.

C turns 6 months tomorrow…lots more to blog about…keep checking in

xo | n

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