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C turns half a year old.

March 28, 2011

I must be dreaming because there is no possible way that my baby girl is already a half year old…{INSERT PINCH}…Ouch! Ok, so I’m not dreaming, it’s true, C turned 6 months this past week. {SIGH}.

I just can’t believe how quickly the time went by. She is constantly changing, growing and doing all sorts of new things. It’s been amazing watching her grow and begin to develop her own little personality. She really has been such an easy baby, Eliot and I have been blessed. She is always so happy and rarely fusses.

I love watching her in her exersaucer these days, she spins around now with the greatest of ease, reaching for one object and then all the way to the other. Our new thing is saying peek-a-boo by hiding under the exersaucer and jumping up. She gets the biggest giggle out of it…and I keep on doing it, well until my head begins to get a little dizzy! Hearing that giggle is worth it all! She’ll even try and peek down to try and see me when I hide…it’s very cute!

Here are some of the things she can do:

  • Sit up on her own pretty well (still teeters every now and then)
  • Moves toys from one hand to the other
  • Rolls over from back to tummy and can move like clock arms around in a circle to change directions…no crawling yet, but the legs move
    like crazy (picture a fish out of water)
  • Puts everything in her mouth
  • Coos, and makes all sorts of silly noises
  • Giggles and Smiles (especially when she sees herself in a mirror)
  • She reaches like crazy now for anything in sight then grasps it…a toy, our noses, cody’s nose…anything!
  • She likes to help turn pages of books when you are reading to her ( I must not read fast enough or something)
  • She bears weight on her feet very well
  • Wakes up a half hour before our alarm goes off {Sigh}
  • She is now in the big girl seat of the stroller
  • Can take her socks off by pulling them off then sticks her toes in her mouth (she is very flexible like her dida)
  • Eats cereal and many different veggies and fruits (she is starting to eat 2 meals a day on top of mommy’s milk)
  • Kicks like crazy when she gets excited
  • Starting to recognize her name and will turn to you when you say it

As you know from previous posts we signed her up for a swim class every Saturday. She has been doing great. This past Saturday she learned how to float by resting her head on my shoulder. I think she really liked that because she could look up but also feel me close by. The big thing this past class was that she went underwater! I was very nervous about dunking her underwater, but with the instructor by my side, I put on my brave shoes for her and dunked her. She did so great and came up with no fussing, just lots of blinking! I am so proud of her and of myself. I feel like dunking your child in water goes against your natural mothering instincts.

We had intentions of going to mommy jogging club, but it was so cold out Sunday morning and I was too afraid that she would freeze. It ended up being ok thought that we missed it, because she was up all night and we both needed to sleep in…so we did…mommy and C cuddle time…it doesn’t get any better then that.

I just can’t believe she is already 6 months old, where has the time gone?

xo | n

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  1. March 29, 2011 9:23 am

    1/2 a year old already! Boy, how time flies. And you’re right, before you know it she’ll be turning 1. She’s turning into such a beautiful young girl already. I get so excited thinking about watching her grow. Kisses from Aunt Mel.

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