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May 6, 2011

Hi All!

I’m slackin’ on posting these days. I got my rear end handed to me on not blogging by one of my mommy friends last night when we went out for drinks…(so here you go Jenn…you get a shout out!!) My apologies to you all…I guess my reader base is larger then just my mom.

Every little second I have, it’s been with the fam or running around doing errands, so by the time C is in bed…I’m too tired to blog and I end up on the couch watching TV, or watching Eliot watch sports…can you say, BORING! That is why I really think I need an ipad, so while E is watching sports, I can be blogging on the couch…and maybe dabble in a little internet window shopping too…hey a girl can dream…

In the beginning of April my dad spent a weekend with us and we celebrated his birthday. I will not say how old he is because he would kill me! Dida (grandpa) got to see C at her swim class that Saturday morning and later that day he and E were busy working on my craft table for my studio. I will take pics this weekend…just picture an 8 foot table…the thing is GINORMOUS! Now I need to get sewing…ASAP! Thank goodness Dida was there because with the extra hands, Eliot and him were able to finish it and get it upstairs ino the studio! Now it’s just a matter of me organizing and getting myself set up properly. We had such a wonderful weekend, lots of yummy food, wine and lots of quality bonding time. He had some great stories that we hope to pass down to Charlotte one day when she get older. El and I want to start writing a book about dad and the things he experienced throughout his life.

C turned 7 months on the 22nd, we were a little late with the 7 months shots…I know your all shocked, but hey…she will have these pics when she grows up!  She is getting bigger and really just aware of everything now…She is such a happy baby and laughs at everything…especially when you sing Old MacDonald had a farm…the “ei ei oh” part gets the giggles right out of her…or it could just be she is laughing at mommy’s terrible singing voice! During her 7 month photoshoot (which was today…2 weeks late…total slacker) I cannot even tell you how many times I had to “moo” to get lots of smiles…yes, I said “Moo”…C loves the sound of a cow…she thinks it’s the funniest thing. Her love for them must come from the Vermont side of her and her Mimi being a Dairy Princess! You can view more of her 7 months pictures here.

We celebrated Easter at our house with my family that lives near by. I tried so very hard to get some good pictures of C in her Easter dress, but she refused. So there wasn’t that many unfortunately…I guess I didn’t “moo” enough. It was a nice day though and was happy to be able to be together as a family. Here is the semi decent shot of our little family…minus Cody of course…try getting the baby and the dog to look at the camera is impossible…he was there, just too distracted with a few wandering squirrels.

We just spent the weekend on Long Island and it was just to short of a trip. I barely took any pictures 😦 Bad Mommy! The daddies finally went off together to play golf and grow their bromance and all five of us girls did what we do best…SHOP! I am so jealous that they have a Pottery Barn outlet out there…El is saying its a great thing…because if I had one close by I would be a regular. I finally got myself a few clothes…still need to loose some baby weight and get a tan…major tan…casper is looking tanner then me these days. I can’t wait to go to the beach and take C with us…I just want to feel the sand inbetween my toes! I also got C a bunch of clothes…of course. I’m most excited about her jean jacket I got her…mommy will prep her out before you know it!

C has been eating 3 meals a day now. She LOVES to eat…and is just like her momma when she’s hungry…get out of our way! I found out at daycare that she is the kid that won’t let anyone else eat until she is done…don’t mess with her!

We started giving her puffs a few weeks ago to start trying and she is finally getting the hang of it. Looking like she might be a lefty from this vid…

Ok, so I totally promise to be better about blogging…still trying to learn the iphone and will try and blog on it more frequently…I need an ipad!! I could blog from the couch!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there…wishing you a wonderful day!

xo | n

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  1. Jenn permalink
    May 7, 2011 12:04 am

    YEAH! See I do follow your blog regularly 🙂 Thanks for posting – C could not possibly be any cuter!!!

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