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A weekend I will not forget!

May 9, 2011

So this is the third time I have written this post…wordpress has not been my friend these past few days…so heres hoping third time is a charm!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should all know this past Sunday was Mother’s day, so I hope you recognized your Mamas! For me, it was my very first…and it was just the most perfect weekend!

I took a half day off Friday to take C to get her second flu shot and I am so glad I did, it was such a beautiful day. C and Daddy sent me beautiful purple tulips that day, but daddy forgot that I was taking off early so the poor guy had to ruin the surprise and I had to go pick them up. It worked out fine and was thrilled to be getting flowers! 🙂 All went well on Friday at the docs, I learned my daughter is braver then I when it comes to needles…not a squirm, not a tear, not anything…I am so very proud of her. We hung out outside on a blanket and played with some toys while daddy did some yard work and Cody ran around. The weekend of yummy food started with Friday night’s take out of sushi…it was much needed! Here is C chilling in the yard…I took this one with my iphone…

Saturday morning we were up early and were all sleepy because the little princess woke us up at 1 or 2 am (who can remember what the clock really says when you are half asleep at that hour). She has been waking up every other or every 3 days in the middle of the night with extremely wet diaper, so E will change her and get her rocked and put her in her crib and then she shrieks and cries. So, people will have conflicting opinions but we bring her into bed with us and that seems to sooth her and help her fall back asleep. She usually has one hand on me and one on E. It’s very cute. E will tell you I have been saying this since she was 3 months…but I swear she has to be teething…I can feel her bottom gum is a lot bumpier then it normal has been…and to my defense…teeth don’t just go, POW! and grow that quickly…it takes time!

We headed out early Saturday morning to check out stone for the back patio E is building. He has been working like a mad scientist on his sketches and how he wants the yard to look. It’s going to be beautiful when all is said and done…I got faith in my man.

After checking out some stone, we took a quick ride to the park pre swim class to take C to do a little spring swingin’…she had a blast and we had some cute photo opts!

I took this one with my iphone…I think it’s my fav of the day!

That afternoon was her last swim class. She did well and rocked her new bathing suit her Kuma got her for Easter…Pink ruffles…of course! You see more pics of her swimming with daddy here.

Then it was off to lunch and errands…a little Chipolte…a BJs run to replenish the diaper supply and a pit stop at the jewelry store for Grammy and mommy! E & C got me my first PANDORA bracelet with a giraffe and a pink polka dot glass bead (how appropriate, right?) It was a total surprise! Here is a pic of it! {Love}

That night Grammy came and spoiled me with more mother’s day gifts…even one from C! She cross stitched a beautiful piece for me that had a Mother’s Day theme and she also got me a great book and some more jewels! Lucky me. Eliot played chef all weekend and cooked us a delicious dinner. We hung out on the couch and hit the hay early. It was a long day!

Sunday morning we woke up to the aroma of bacon cooking away along with some strawberry pancakes…Yum! I also opened up my cards to recieve even more gifts…a mani/pedi gift card and a gift card for a {much needed} massage…I have the best husband and daughter…they spoiled me rotten this weekend!

After breaskfast and getting ready, we were off to church and then headed to Newburyport for lunch on the water! It was a great lunch and took some pics outside afterwards. The sun was so funcky though it was making us squint so bad, so this is one of the few photos of us gals that came out ok…

and you can’t pass up a smoochie picture…they are the best!

We headed home after and hung out and played some more. It was a very special weekend for me, one I will keep close to my heart. Spending time with my loves was the best present I got all weekend. Wishing you mommies out there had a fabulous day!

Here is a pic of C and daddy after we got home…Miss little preppy girl!

Well, its’ back to the grind around here and waiting patiently for the weekend to arrive again. I have been taking videos of C on my phone and I hope to post them soon. With the help of my techie hubs they should be up by the weekend!

Have a great week all!

xo | n

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  1. May 11, 2011 12:38 pm

    what a fabulous weekend! and C looks so cute! hope to see you guys soon 🙂

  2. May 11, 2011 6:25 pm

    What a doll! You look great, too, by the way! I love C’s preppy outfit! Don’t feel bad about bringing C into bed. We’ve been guilty of it, too in the wee morning hours when he cries out because his teeth are hurting him. I don’t want to start co-sleeping by any means, but it helps get an extra hour of sleep for us all every now and then!!!

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