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Been quiet round here…{insert tumbleweed}

May 19, 2011

Hi All!

I wish there was lots to talk about, but we honestly haven’t had much going. This past weekend I finally got to play in my studio with fabric and my machine. I was able to finish C’s banner for above her crib, but I need to get a shot of it to post. She spent the time with me in the studio and is definitely getting closer to crawling. I turned around for a minute and got a glimpse of her doing this all by herself…time to start baby proofing the house…I am sure within a few weeks we will have our hands full…

We did pay a little visit to G, T and the kids. B is crawling and clapping and T is starting soccer and doing well with potty training. Eliot took some video and I think he posted them on you tube…I’ll have to find out. So cute that the girls are at an age right now where they are aware of each other but no real “playing” or even hair pulling…yet…lol!

We’ve been having lots of family time and playing on the living room floor with toys and reading lots of books. C is also really into her baby einstien videos these days. She loves the baby macdonald dvd the most, something about those cows…the legs and arms start going crazy when she sees those puppets. She really loves animals and this picture will show you that animals love her…well Cody does…

He’s been really good with her while she is playing. He usually comes and lays down next to the blanket, or most of the time on it. He is also starting to figure out that her high chair sometimes has left over snacks on it…even Cody loves puffs.

I have also been busy doing some freelance design work on the side. It’s been keeping me busy at night. I really need to move my computer up into the studio now though. It will make things so much easier.

I’m off to Boston tomorrow for a web design seminar. Looking forward to it. Hope to post over the weeeknd. C turns 8 months on Sunday, so pictures will sure be up soon!

xo | n.

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