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A brief update!

July 18, 2011

Hi all!

Well it certainly has been far too long since I’ve been blogging more then just pics of C! So here it goes…

We have been pretty busy the past few weekends so I’ll try my best to summarize! (what I can remember…I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday!)

Our adorable niece, B turned 1 at the end of June. I am so mad because I forgot my camera so the only pics I got are from my iPhone, so they aren’t the greatest. C had fun hanging with her cousins. We are happy to be close and hope the kids will continue to be able to have each other to grow up together! Here is a pic of the Birthday girl and C, sharing toys…and one of E with them.



We celebrated the Fourth of July with our best friends, K&D and our adorable God children, A&A! We made a vacation weekend of it and spent 4 nights with them. It was such a great weekend..and we always leave there sad wishing that we lived closer! We got to hang at the pool and do a little swimmin’. Even Cody got in the pool, and then realized it’s not a wading pool with a shallow end like his doggie daycare has! Oh we love him, but he is such a weenie sometimes! I took some funny pics of the girls right before we left..I’ll post them soon!

We have family visiting from France this month. I went last weekend with my dad to greet my cousin, his wife and their two sons down in Boston Saturday night. Then Sunday morning we took a ride up to the lake to spend time with them and my dad. They are staying with my dad and will be here this coming weekend to spend time with us. It has been 18 years since we last saw one another…way too long! Looking forward to showing them around, taking them to the seacoast and most importantly spending quality family time together.

Well that’s a little catching up…I am still learning how to use my iPhone and how to blog from it! I leave you with this shot of C as she was eating her lunch when we were out with Grammy this weekend!

xo | n

“seriously mom, would you like me taking pictures of you while you eat? Step away from the iPhone!”

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