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10 months…a little delayed!

August 5, 2011

Hi All!

Well C turned 10 months a few weeks ago and I haven’t had the time to upload images on time, of course, so better late then never!




She will definitely be walking soon. She has been pulling up on everything and just want you to hold her hands so she can get up and walk! She can crawl pretty quickly these, intact so quickly, one second I was watching TV and then looked down and saw she was missing and already halfway into the kitchen!

She has been eating all sorts of finger foods…we still give her some baby food while she is at daycare but it’s the chunkier stuff. She sips out of her sippy like a rockstar…might need to move her up a sippy cup level in a month or so. I am also still nursing her and pumping at work during the day…7 more weeks and the pump FINALLY gets put away! I plan on nursing her at night and in the morning still and then slowly phase that out after her first birthday.

C may seem quiet…but she’s a talker ( like mother, like daughter) she says: dada, mama, duck, and her newest line, “ut-oh”, which she says after dropping things off her highchair tray.

She waves hi/bye, claps and does her little noise trick daddy taught her with her lips.

I just can’t believe she will turn 1 in 7 weeks…time has certainly flown by way to quickly for me. Need to get invites out very soon…we need to party plan!

Hope everyone had a great week. I am so happy it’s over and the weekend is here. C has a playdate with her girlfriends tomorrow…can’t wait to see my mommy mafia chicks!


Xo | n

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